Diary in EnglishAugust 2nd  

Today I had lunch with my friend. I googled and found a nice Italian restaurant near my friends office. The restaurant isnt very big, but small is just as good because it feels calm. On the lunch menu, we choose one of the two kinds of pasta, and we both chose an oven-baked short pasta with tomato sauce. There is a dish served with 3 kinds of appetizers also included on the lunch menu. Both the appetizers and pasta tasted good! We caught up and enjoyed our lunch.

After lunch, I saw her off at the nearest subway station and dropped by a Starbucks. I ordered a chai tea latte and wrote the diary entry for August 1st. The Starbucks was crowded with many college students and was a little noisy. I wasnt able to concentrate on my work so I returned home earlier than I expected. I think my room is the best place to study and work comfortably!


Thank you for your corrections Farhan and Jack on italki!